I Believe…

1. All people are basically good
2. Life is too short for uncomfortable underwear
3. Odd numbers are evil
4. Expensive jeans are worth the price if they make you feel good
5. God works in mysterious ways
6. Pink makes people happy
7. In the element of surprise
8. We’re all little kids just dying for some playtime
9. In the power of prayer
10. McDonald’s sweet tea and/or French fries cures everything
11. Smiling makes everyone beautiful
12. In angels
13. In being held accountable
14. No one is normal
15. In making an effort
16. In giving people the benefit of the doubt (most of the time)
17. In going to the bathroom in pairs
18. In the process
19. Addiction ruins lives
20. Laughter is invigorating
21. I can fly!
22. Live music is freeing
23. Love is the answer to everything
24. Teachers should get paid more
25. In the power of positive thinking
26. To have dignity is to have worth. (Dr. Heller)
27. Pets make life better
28. In miracles
29. Writing is healing
30. There is a fine line between cockiness and confidence
31. Good manners will take you far
32. We must be our own before we can be another’s (Emerson)
33. In myself
34. I am not my hair, but I am much happier when my hair is happy
35. In the power of retail therapy
36. A good pair of shoes can change everything
37. Old things are often better than new
38. Music is the great equalizer
39. It’s easier to smile and nod sometimes
40. In love at first sight
41. In over the rainbow
42. If you do what you love, others will love you for it
43. Worrying about the worst possible scenario will probably make it happen
44. Your heart will always make itself known through your words
45. Mediocrity is not okay
46. Things should be solved peacefully
47. More people are afraid of success than failure
48. Bad things happen to good people
49. Not all those who wander are lost (Tolkein)
50. In small joys

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