Say goodbye to high heels…

Being 7.5 months pregnant, I think it is finally time to say goodbye to my high heels–something I never thought I’d say. I have put fashion before comfort the entire pregnancy (to a certain degree) but I think it is finally time to hang up the heels and switch to flats perpetually. I have always felt short and dumpy in flat shoes, and I can’t say that having about 20 pounds attached to my stomach makes the feeling any better….But, at some point one must give in…I guess. I still have no problem wearing my cowboy boots or wedge heels, but today I tried for these pointy dress shoes with a skinny heel and only made it as far as my classroom door before realizing if I didn’t take them off soon I might go into early labor. Not to be dramatic, but teetering on 2 inch heels when one is built like Humpty-dumpty is not a good idea. The extreme amount of concentration and pressure put on my legs is enough to make me feel like my water is about to break. 
It’s a good thing I brought these along. They may be falling apart and look like bedroom slippers, but at least they’ll keep me from bed rest…let’s hope!

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