Maxi Dress at Work?

Soprano dress from T.J. Maxx, this season.

Look how TALL it makes me look!

black, leather flats from Gap (2 seasons ago)

Love the ceramic earrings from jewelry by Pam Unger.

Some of my more fashionable students convinced me that it was perfectly fine to wear a maxi dress to work. Because it was the Thursday before a 4-day weekend, I went for it! Here are some of the comments I have received so far:

1. Wow, I love your dress, it’s beautiful! (cute, very stylish 11th grade girl)
2. Why are you dressed like a nun? (“favorite” boy in my English 10 class)
3. I love your dress….you look like an Indian! (cafeteria lady)
4. Is that a new outfit, Mrs. Halterman? Did you buy that for your husband’s birthday? (Principal, who thinks I buy new clothes for every occasion)
5. I told you it’d be cute! (best student ever!)

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