Nine Months Pregnant, a Haircut, and (Finally) a Blog Post

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed because you haven’t blogged in almost a month and you have about a million things you want to write about but you have no idea where to start?

Well, that’s how I feel right about now.

I’m nine months pregnant.

(everything I wear looks like a tent, if of course, it’s big enough to fit over the massively protruding belly)

It’s hot.

I’m tired.

I’m trying to soak in every last minute with this little girl…

(practicing her baby-wearing skills while I try to figure out how in the world to work a Moby wrap)

Before baby girl #2 arrives.

Today we went to a fancy salon and she got her first haircut…

Along with two suckers and a pink balloon.

Life is good.


As Annalee would say, “I did it!!!”

I did a blog post!!

Now that the pressure is off I can get back to doing them more regularly, like whenever AJH sleeps.

Or I can just lay on the couch in the AC.

Wish me luck!

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