Hey, It’s OK…#8

Hey, It’s OK…Family Edition

Dedicated to some special comments made by and for my family.
…to let your toddler eat with cocktail forks and spoons (said by my mom who commented that just because they’re mini in size, doesn’t mean they’re not heavy and made out of a lead).
…to freeze out your guests because you refuse to turn the thermostat above 70 (said by my little sister as she wore a snuggie while eating pizza).

…to think ketchup crackers are the best appetizer around (a delicatessen taught to me by my mother from her own childhood).

…to have a less than traditional childhood in which John Waters was your Disney and David Allen Coe sang your lullabies (said by my sister, Tori, when wondering if it was weird that our favorite movies growing up were Hairspray (the original), Cry-baby, and Mermaids).

Who needs “Twinkle, Twinkle”…

When you can recite all the words to “You Never Even Called Me By My Name” by age 5.
Who needs The Little Mermaid’s Ursula…
…when you’ve got  Cry-baby’s Hatchet-face?

And a few more from around our house this week…
Hey, It’s OK…
…to just throw away the leftovers. They can’t all be eaten.
…to let your child eat yogurt with a measuring spoon (speaking of toddler eating utensils).
…to get annoyed when my grocery list forces me to drive the extra .5 mile from the Dollar General to the Food Lion.
…to realize that I am not responsible for other people’s ability to have fun or be happy.

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