Hey, It’s OK…#7

Hey, It’s OK…
…to jam out to “Some Dark Holler” with as much enthusiasm as I would to “Single Ladies.”
…to dress my daughter and myself like B.A. rock stars for her music class (I’m talking Musikgarten people). And no, not Halloween costume rock stars, real life rock stars, complete with dark brown nails, bell bottoms, vintage boots, feather earrings, skull and cross bone socks and a black tutu. AJH needed to work on her sharing skills so we got our “mojo on” and we she ROCKED it. She totally shared this week and I know it was totally thanks to the outfit.
…to really look forward to Wednesday night TV….Up All Night, Modern Family, Revenge…all SO good.
…to eat at McDonalds three times a week because I just know I am going to get Boardwalk. 
…to suddenly decide I am switching to complete Apple domination in my life…iPhones, iPads, iMacs, iWhatevers….are all in the works. I can’t take the PC world anymore. Must.go.back.to.Mac.
…to dress my daughter and I as Native Americans for Halloween as an excuse to put about a million feathers in our hair. 
…to go hear Ralph Stanley live. Twice. In three months. Check out his website and “wipe yo feets!”
…to forget half the things I meant to feel “okay” about for this post.

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