Hey, It’s OK…#3

Hey, It’s OK…
…that I let a box of Tampons entertain my daughter for a good ten minutes. 
…to watch Jersey Shore… even though it leaves me with a Snooki hangover.
…to think Pauly D. and Vinny are actually really funny. “Louie, you’re gonna get all the girls!”
…to let AJH think the neti pot is her very own tea kettle.

…to break out my “just-for-the-kitchen-dance-moves” at a wedding reception.

…to think that both the Keratin treatment and Pinterest are life-changing.

…for one whiff of Eternity cologne to take me back to 7th grade in .12 seconds.

…to get sick to my stomach after realizing someone deleted me as their Facebook friend.

…if not everyone on earth wants to be my friend.

What are some of your, “Hey, It’s OK!” moments this week?

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