What I Wore Wednesday: Denim Vest

It seems that there are so many fun blogging trends out there for Wednesdays and I want to try them all! I’ve tried “Wordless Wednesdays” and now I’d like to try “What I Wore Wednesday” which I saw on a blog I love called a room somewhere, especially since I’ve been so inspired by fashion lately.  I’m linking up with pleated poppy and because I tried a new trend today I thought I’d share!
At work.
Dress, vest and leggings: Old Navy. 
Boots: Coconuts, from T.J. Maxx
I have worn leggings almost every day since getting pregnant in July 2009. It started out of comfort and… well, it’s sort of stayed there. I like to think they’re somewhat stylish, too. I bought the dress a few weeks ago because it’s all peasant-y which I love. Then, after looking on the Old Navy website I saw it paired with the vest and thought it was kind of fun. I went back and got myself one, and when I saw one in AJH’s size…I couldn’t resist. I can’t wait until we can wear them together!
I once thought vests were too Rachel Zoe for me to pull off, but I think it might be doable. What do you think of the denim vest trend?

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