More Black Lab Birthday shots…presents, cake, and the birthday girl!

Here are some more shots from AJH’s black lab themed first birthday party:

Opening presents…

And more presents…

And “eating” her smash cake
 She handled her “smash cake” quite daintily. Instead of eating it, she insisted on giving it away. She took a few bites, made some funny faces and then turned it upside down and cried to get out of her high chair.Like mother, like daughter…I’ve never liked sweets and don’t enjoy getting dirty, either.
And winding down…

Overall, it was a wonderful night and I must thank all of those who helped out and came to celebrate with us. We are our so blessed to have such an awesome circle of love surrounding AJH. 
In other news…I will be launching a “Weekly Fashion Parade” post tomorrow chronicling my outfits from the past week. Stay tuned!

Also, a friend from college started her own blog recently and mentioned me in her first post. Thank you, Megan, and please know that it makes my LIFE when I hear that I have inspired others to join this journey of writing and healing. 

Much love!

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