Make it Beautiful Monday: Go Sophie!!

So first and foremost, we have awesome news…
Little Sophie’s adoption fund has reached our initial goal of $1,000!
(she has $1,068 to be exact)
I wrote to Michelle at Reece’s Rainbow to find out more details and this was her response:
Hi Priscilla,

We’ve had many little donations for Sophie! The big jump was because recently a little girl in her region was adopted outside of RR, and we gifted her grant to little Sophie 🙂
I’m so glad you’re out there advocating for these girls! Sounds like your goal for Sophie has been met. 🙂
So it looks like when a child is adopted a grant is given to Reece’s Rainbow, who then gets to choose how to dispurse it. Little Sophie got lucky because she was gifted the money, bringing her total to over $1,000.
I have upped her goal to $1,500 because the average cost of adoption is over $20,000 and every little bit will help!
As for Clara, she is still stuck at $182 and needs lots of help if she is going to get to $1,000 before her first birthday like Sophie. Please pass this on to all of those who may be interested in helping!
As for our current fundraisers…
$210 worth of Premier Designs Jewelry was sold in the past few weeks and thirty percent of that will go to the girls’ funds!
Also, NINE Clara and Sophie necklaces have been sold by 2 Little Birdies so far, giving us $90 for their funds. The necklaces are still available so if you haven’t gotten one yet, please consider doing so! See the 2 Little Birdies Etsy site to place your order.
I got the “Sophie” and love it…
It would make my heart VERY happy to see Sophie and Clara get adopted so please continue praying that their forever family will step up soon and rescue them from their current conditions.
I would love to take a mission trip this summer to visit their orphanages and do more to help. If you have done a trip like this or have more information, please let me know!
In other news, a couple close friends and I were very inspired by this blog, which my soul sister recently shared. After I saw 3x3x365 I immediately wrote to two of my closest friends from high school, Lindsay and Brooke, to see if they’d like to start up something similar. They loved the idea and so now we have “From VA+AL+LA ,with love” which will be full of fun posts very soon. I think it’s such a great way to “check in” and stay connected with one another while we live miles and miles apart. Follow us to keep up to date with our crazy lives in VA, AL and LA. It should be a fun journey!
I’m off to fight battle number 239,094 with my sinus cavity.
Peace out.
…and goodnight from my sleeping owl.

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