Tools and Topics Tuesday: Perspectives

I love this journal topic and wish I did it more often. There are so many instances in life in which I have a difficult decision to make and don’t know what direction to turn. I often do the typical “pros and cons” list but this journal exercise allows you to get into the decision with more depth and “perspective.” It allows you to explore the possibilities of the roads not taken in your life. You can step into the future or the past, and glimpse the world as it might have been for you–or as it might be for another.

Choose which type of “perspective you’d like to take today:

Decision making:Think of a tough decision you have ahead (career?). Write a journal entry from the perspective of each decision (or place) to help clarify your choice.

Understanding others: “Never judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins.” Write from the perspective of someone else. Try to sense what might truly be going on for him or her.

Glimpses of the future: Imagine it is one year from today. Write from your perspective, one year from now. Recall the most enjoyable parts of the year, the challenging spots, lessons learned, where you live, how you live, the work you do, challenges ahead, new opportunities, joys, etc.

Roads not taken:Think of a situation you did not choose. Pretend you chose it, and write about how your life would be today.
I hope this journal topic helps you see things from the exact perspective you need today!
Love, P

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