Make it Beautiful Monday: All smiles

First, let’s get down to business.
The winner of our Laurel Denise giveaway is…
 Thank you, Molly, for all of your support for Clara and Sophie!
And, for our next big news…
I am so blessed to announce that 2 Little Birdies has not only offered to do a giveaway for all those who donate to Clara and Sophie this week, but…
…the designer has created personal necklaces for both girls!
And $10 from the sale of each necklace will go into their adoption funds.
Here is the Clara necklace:
I LOVE it!!!
And the Sophie necklace:
So sweet and feminine.
I want them both!
So, from now until March 16th OR the necklaces sell out, if you buy either necklace $10 will go into the respective girl’s fund!
Thank you so much to 2 Little Birdies for such a generous offer!
And don’t forget…
if you happen donate to either girl this week, leave a comment on THIS post to be entered to win this beautiful necklace, also by 2 Little Birdies.
For more details on how to donate, click the button on my sidebar or here.
And now for some smiles:
 AJH cheering for our Indians…where I teach and BRH coaches.
I got the tutu from Loving Shop in support of Nella’s ONEder fund.
I found out today that AJH really loves helping with the laundry.
Don’t mind those hanky panky’s!
 And our love affair with ducky is still going strong.
I just hope this will be less traumatic to get rid of than a paci.
Have a great week!

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