Worthy Wednesday:Hair Chronicles

Last Wednesday I had a boo boo and this Wednesday I’m celebrating a new ‘do.
I’ve had it for a few weeks and it’s finally settling in and feeling like “me.”
I started with smaller, choppier, Resse Witherspoon-esque fringe right before Christmas… 
…but spent the entire holiday clipping it back with AJH’s pretty bows.
I finally decided to “go big or go home” and got the full, blunt bang on New Years Eve. 
I know it’s very Kelle Hampton-ish, who happens to be one of my favorite bloggers, but I promise I’m not trying to BE her….though she is quite inspiring, hair and all.
And isn’t this picture gorgeous? It’s pretty much my DREAM setting for a photo, cream crocheted dress, baby girls and all.
I figured if Kelle could pull it off, maybe I could, too, since we have somewhat similar hair and features. I think it gives me a little somethin’ somethin’ and makes my eyes POP.
(Speaking of Kelle, I encourage all of my readers to help her reach the goal of raising $63,000 for the National Down Syndrome Society to help create a culture that fully accepts and includes the 400,000 Americans with Down syndrome like her beautiful Nella).
It’s amazing how much time I think about my hair and how much it truly affects (or is it effects?) my mood when I know there are obviously much “bigger fish to fry” in this crazy world of ours. I wrote a piece called “I am not my hair…or am I?” and said “if momma’s hair ain’t happy, SHE AIN’T HAPPY.” I know it may seem superficial, but a new ‘do can give you just the right amount of spunk to get out of a funk. Unfortunately, a bad hair cut/color can leave you feeling like Christina Aguilera in her “Dirty” days.
I know because I’ve been there, done that (not the skunk look, but really, unnaturally black hair).

Deep down I know I shouldn’t put my worth on my hair because on days when it looks like this:

…it could get real ugly, not only on the outside, but more importantly, on the inside.

Secretly, I still like to have one thing I can somewhat control. Unlike my face or my weight, my hair is one thing that can be changed rather easily (especially with the new luxury treatments like Keratin). My hair is one thing that can brighten my face, lighten my look, and bring a few compliments my way no matter how bad my breakout, or outfit may be.
I guess my ultimate goal is believing that while my hair (or skin, or weight, or entire physical appearance) can make me happy for a fleeting moment it is not what makes me worthy. It can’t make OR break me.

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