Taking Root

This is the poem I wrote and read at Katie Harmon and Joe Crabtree’s wedding on 9/19/09.
Taking Root
Beginnings were planted
unsure if they would thrive in their chosen spots.
An eternity was spent
wondering how they would grow
what colors would adorn them
what blossoms would appear
what pair they would eventually complete.
And with little patience and lots or prayer
they took root.
Through heavy winds and pouring rains
the roots grew stronger
attaching themselves deeper into the ground
finding comfort in their home.
Soon enough, their seedlings became
something beautiful and unexpected.
And today
they have reached their highest peak.
Branches outstretched to the sky
their roots steadied them and
pushed them upward from where they began.
Mingling leaves became
entangled rots
forming one solid tree
a unified lifeline
thriving together
never to be broken.
Though leaves may fall
crumble or die
they will be gathered again
used for joy.
They will return fuller
in verdant shades of green
and bring new life
lush with love.
Taking comfort in their old roots
they now take root together–
and their roots will run deep.

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