A few favorite things…

It’s a hectic time of year for everyone, and our household is no exception. Over my Thanksgiving “break” we had lots of fun but were quite busy with things like outlet shopping, multiple dinners, Christmas decorating and a whole-house upheaval that all started with a mouse (more on that and OPERATION SIMPLY MY LIFE later). So, since I am up to my ears in getting our house back in order, over-due blogs, and school work, here are just a few favorite things:
Wearing matching aprons with AJH while making dinner
AJH’s new fav. activity: finding her first tooth with her tongue

This enormously happy smile

It brightens every day.

AJH chilling with Unlce Russ
She plays hard, but rests hard, too
Daddy and baby after Thanksgiving dinner #2
I love BRH’s sweet face and of course, AJH’s infectious grin!
Mommy and baby at the Carter-Coffman tree farm for AJH’s first Christmas tree picking.
All bundled up.
Ben has been going there forever, and we’ve gone tgether the past 5 years since we got married. This is our first “family portrait” at the tree farm. (More pics. to come on our Christmas card…hopefully).
And my favorite quote from one of my current favorite songs (“Murder in the City”)…
“Always remember, there is nothing worth sharing
Like the love that let us share our name…”

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