Make it Beautiful Monday: Eat a Rainbow

“Whoever wants to be in the Happy New Year Club raise your hand!”
-My blogging friend’s daughter on New Years Day
Once again I was inspired by a post from “Work in Progress,” a blogger I found through the internet machine, as my friend, Valerie, would say.
In her most recent post she quoted her daughter and discussed the choice we make to be happy. I struggle with this because there are times when I think nobody chooses to be anxious, depressed, or unhappy, especially when their lives are filled with the blessings of marriage, children, family and friends. Sometimes we get into ruts and it takes more than just a choice to be happy. If it were that simple, wouldn’t we all be happy all the time?
What I’ve found is the most simple answer to happiness is to be present in every moment (and make it beautiful, duh!), whether the moment is pretty, overwhelming, exhausting, or ugly. It is the string of all of those moments that create life…and happiness. The appreciation of the mundane. The gratitude for it all.
I know I have a lot to grateful for and Monday’s are a great time for me to have a weekly reminder.
As my friend said, “When I reflect on what I have, instead of what I don’t have, (perfect house, perfect body, perfect husband, perfect friends, perfect job, perfect everything) I am happy. I am shaking my head with dumbfounded surprise right now at how I can possibly be unhappy with all that I do have. When I don’t accept and allow what is my lot vs. what I think should be my lot I get resentful and envious, spoiled and crabby.”
Right on, sister!
Finally, at the end the post, she mentions her daughter’s 4 year old friend saying: “I’m going to eat a rainbow!” and it just so happens that she wants everyone to join her.
Can you imagine what that would look like? After googling, this is what I found:
So, on this Monday I invite you to join us in the Happy New Year Club and eat a rainbow!

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