Weekend Update

We had a great weekend. We kicked it off by going to Shakin’ at the Station in downtown Staunton on Thursday evening to hear a band, have a drink and walk around. We ended up eating dinner at Baja Bean, and Annalee loved all of the colors, fans, and lights. She was a perfect angel, despite being hungry and having a poopy diaper! We’ve really enjoyed taking her everywhere we go and hope it’s helping her to become pretty social and adaptable. 
 Friday evening we went to the famous Weyers Cave Lawn Party and parade. Once again, Annalee was on her best behavior and didn’t even cry when the loud fire trucks drove by. She enjoyed seeing all the different people, and fun rides, and probably loved all the delicious smells, too. She also got to see her buddy, Henley Ann, who was born within a few days of her. 
 Another beautiful thing happened on Friday–Annalee’s future husband was born! Our good friends Katie and Ian welcomed the perfect baby boy, Wilder. We have all been joking about how he’s going to marry Annalee one day and I think we might want to go ahead and arrange it, because he will surely be fighting off the ladies! He has an infection and will have to stay in the hospital an extra week, but should be fine once he’s treated. We cannot wait to meet him!!
Saturday was a much needed day at home where mom cleaned house and dad worked in the yard while Annalee hung out and kept us company. 
 Sunday was another busy day. Annalee came along for our Sunday School class picnic and enjoyed meeting everyone, especially the dog, Willow, who looks like a miniature Henry.
 After coming home for a nap, we went to Grandaddy’s river cabin for dinner where Annalee got lots of attention from her cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. She got her first real sweat beads on her forehead, as it was a very humid, hot night. Her hair even started to curl up as it got sweaty, which was pretty cute. 
 Isn’t she starting to get her own little personality? Seeing this makes mommy and daddy VERY happy!

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