Denim Leggings?

Since becoming pregnant and venturing into the land of maternity clothes, I have gotten very much into wearing leggings. I have never worn them before, but suddenly they are the most comfortable thing around. I would much rather wear stretchy leggings and a long, flowy top then frumpy or too tight pants and a girdle-like sweater. (I guess it all becomes girdle-like at some point). I feel okay with wearing black, grey , or brown, but have been considering venturing into the land of denim and am a bit unsure….I feel like they could be the perfect pair to my brown sweater dresses because a brown dress with brown leggings and brown boots is a bit monochromatic for me. I also like how Whitney Port paired them with a flowy top and flats.

On the other hand, I feel they are very hit or miss. No one wants to end up looking like an over-stuffed 80’s throwback…or do they?

So, what’s the verdict? Does skin-tight denim have a place in my world? I’ll let ya know.

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