Baby Bump: 19 Weeks

I’ve read that moms-to-be really start to “pop out” at five months, and that couldn’t be more true for me. Suddenly, looks in my direction have gone from “maybe she’s put on a few pounds” to “wow, she’s definitely pregnant!” I notice it everywhere–from school, to out shopping. People look a little harder at my mid-section, and sometimes offer a funny smile. Toddler-toting moms and dads give a hopeful grin. I have to say, although things are getting a little more uncomfortable, it is a bit of a relief to finally look pregant and have that belly out in full force. I guess it just becomes more and more real every day, especially when I look down or try to bend over! We know it will only become more real when we go for our big, 20-week ultrasound on Monday and finally found out the sex of Baby Halterman…wish us luck!

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