I am linking up again with Jeannett over at Life Rearranged for “Insta-Friday”!

If you’re wondering how to play along, here is her description: 

“Capture the silly little moments from your week and link up using nothing but cell phone pics! You don’t have to have an iPhone, but the rule is that your photos have to be phone pictures!  No real cammys allowed!!!”

We are STILL without a cameras, but hoping to get one when we get one soon!

Meet Henry, AJH’s best friend since birth. He’s named after her real black-lab brother, who is not quite as portable. After realizing her deep attachment to Henry we quickly ordered her two more and switch them out frequently. One of them is with her at all times!
7-11 was a big part of my life this week. 
It started with this tasty treat on 7-11-11. 
 And ended with this hilarious sign. Do you remember the wacky woman on RHOBH smoking those electronic cigarettes? I almost bought one just so I could re-enact that crazy scene.
You can watch it here.

If  you haven’t heard, I am LOVING some hair feathers right now. I have been having Feather Parties and will be setting up on Fridays from 5-8 at the Staunton Plant Company for their Homegrown Market. Come and see me if you want your very own feather hair extensions!
*We will be at the beach for a week, but I will definitely try to update next Friday with some more cell phone pics…beach style!*
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