Before I forget…#2

Before I forget…

 Annalee has been singing, “This girl is on fi-yuhhh…!” just like Alicia Keys in the Citibank commercial.

She has told me a few times,  “It’s okay mom. Calm down. Take a deep breath.”

She has also told me not to be “on-er-y.”

(It’s safe to say she doesn’t miss much).

She says, “Looks like I had some  luck!” after going #2 on the potty.

She wants a “Pink President” or her BFF Mason for president in the upcoming election.

The other night she was singing what we thought was, “Put Kimmy in the bag for dinner!” in her crib. After a few minutes we realized she was actually singing, “Carry Me Back to Virginia” a song by Old Crow Medicine Show that she dances to with her daddy.

She also really loves animals and lawn ornaments.

We love our random child.


Until next time.

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