Instant Upload #1

I love the Insta-Friday link-up with Life Rearranged but have been missing out lately because Friday’s are normally too busy for me to blog. I have a fun, new feature with my phone and gmail account that uploads all of the pictures I take on my phone directly to my Picasa account in an album called “Instant Uploads.” I have no idea how I set it up, but I am loving it. Here are some of my latest pics from my “instant upload” album:
One of AJH’s fall fashion preview outfits:
Some of our choices of attire for AJH’s first VT football game:
This is always a pretty sight.
An impromptu swim after the VT game. AJH had to borrow a suit from her buddy, Townes.
 She actually went under for the first time and didn’t freak out!
One of my latest headband creations for an Etsy order:
Speaking of Etsy, I used some of my jewelry earnings to get these lovely boots. I have been wanting the Frye Jane Stitching Horse for a LONG time so when I found a deal, I couldn’t resist.
 I also found this cool mason jar soap dispenser on Etsy and couldn’t pass it up.
Fat Tire is now sold in VA and it’s a very tasty treat.
I “picked” this awesome bench right out of my in-law’s garage. They said it was destined for the dump, and I said it was destined for my dining room. Love the rustic look.
This is what we do on rainy days.
Happy Monday!

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