Hey, It’s OK! #1

I have been wanting to do a weekly blog post based on Glamour Magazine’s monthly “Hey, It’s OK!” column for a while now. It’s always been one of my favorite parts of the magazine as a girl who always seems to second guess her sometimes quirky habits. Being a mom takes the “second guessing” to a whole new level, and I often find myself asking things like, “Is it okay that AJH just ate a bug/piece of dirt/or dog food?” several times a day.
It turns out that I am not the only one with this idea…great minds must think alike! haha. This blog also does an “It’s OK Thursday” which is very cool! You can even link up with her if you want to share your own “It’s OK” moments. 
I hope to do a “Hey, It’s OK!” post once a week and invite you to leave your own “It’s OK” moments in the comments section below!
Hey, It’s OK! #1
…to let my hair feathers flow during a professional meeting.
…to appease my daughter with french fries every time we go out to eat.
…to hate everything and everyone for no good reason during “the week before the week.
…to let my child play in the refrigerator for a good 20 minutes while I’m trying to prepare dinner. 
…to buy five pair of shoes in one day in hopes of returning at least three…and then return none.
…to only watch The VMA’s to pretend I know what the fuss is about on Twitter.
…to be REALLY disappointed when Ralph Macchio (who I will always refer to as “Johnny”) doesn’t reply to my Tweets.
… to be totally happy with my life right now…imperfections and all!
(P.S. I already created the above button before seeing this link-up, so I will just go ahead and use it!)

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