Thoughts Thursday: HALLELUJAH and a Quick Update

Life has been extra busy lately with the start of a new semester, our big Reece’s Rainbow fundraiser, and wedding blogs galore…
…but let me start with a HALLELUJAH!
Both Clara and Sophie have reached the $100 mark in their adoption funds!
Poor Clara is $5 behind Sophie, but maybe somebody will change that soon!
You have no idea how happy and humbled I am to see their funds go from $0 to $100 in only a few days!
Thank you a million times over!
…and stay tuned to Make it Beautiful for two exciting deals coming up to help Clara and Sophie:
1. A catalog show with Premier Designs Jewelry in which 30% of the proceeds will go to the girls’ funds! A-MAZING!
2. A giveaway with one of my favorite local vendors in which everyone who donates will be entered to win a beautiful necklace . Also, those who donate more than $25 will get a free print from the artist. This will launch Monday and I’m keeping you in suspense on the rest of the details until then!
Don’t forget to add the buttons to your blogs and keep spreading the word! I will fix Sophie’s button tonight because I know it’s not working as of now. Check back later!
We still have a long way to go before we reach $1,000 but I know we can do it. And don’t forget the ultimate goal–that both of these girls will find a forever family…and soon! If you know of anyone interested in adopting, please pass their information along. As far as I know, both girls are currently in Russia. Reece’s Rainbow helps with the entire process, and they can start the adoption BEFORE all of the money is raised, and continue to raise money well into it (even after the girls are home).
My heart would MELT utterly and completely if these girls got adopted before their first birthdays…so splease pread the word!
She is begging and pleading with her one sock and Christmas book.

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