Worthy Wednesday + Help Baby Cliff!

For my first edition of “Worthy Wednesday” I’d like to attack what I like to call the “perfection obsessions” I’ve been having lately.
From reading the work of Brené Brown I have been inspired to spend at least one day of the week remembering why “I am worthy of love and belonging now. Right this minute. As is.” 
Perfection obsessions are the the negative thoughts running through my mind as I sift through a messy house, try on clothes that don’t fit, or question my ability as a wife, parent, teacher, or friend.
I’d like to replace my perfection obsessions with worthiness affirmations in hopes of letting go of the pressure I put on myself to be “perfect” as well as the “worthiness prerequisites” I feel on a daily basis.
Here are some of my “worthiness affirmations” for this week:
~I do not have to have perfect Christmas decorations to be worthy.
~I am still worthy when my house is in an uproar because of a mouse.
~I can have dirty dishes left in the sink over night and still be worthy.
~I am still worthy if my pre-baby pants no longer zip.
~Procrastinating does not = unworthiness.
And if you believe we are ALL worthy of love and belonging,then you must take a look at Baby Cliff’s story.
I encourage you to not only donate to help Baby Cliff get a family of his own this Christmas, but also to… 
See YOURSELF as you see Baby Cliff
Would you tell an innocent baby boy like him that he isn’t worthy because of his situation? Because he has no parents? Because he is sick? Because he needs help?
Would you tell baby Cliff that he is not “perfect” just the way he is?
I didn’t think so.
So don’t do it to yourself.
Each one of us deserves the same love as Baby Cliff, the same love you feel for your own babies, the same love you feel for all of those that you care, and want the best for.
If I could love myself the same way I love this little girl…
…I think know all of my anxiety, stress, and quest for perfectionism would melt away.

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