Make it Beautiful Monday: Smile like a sick baby!

I was on a little blogging hiatus last Thursday and Friday because things got a bit hectic in the H. household.

This sweet girl had an ear, eye and sinus infection, though you’d never tell with that mischevious grin…

Despite the pain she must’ve been in, she was barely fussy and only woke once in the middle of the night for comforting, to which I gladly responded by plopping her in between us in the big bed. Her only real symptom was the gunky eyes and nose and after a few rounds of medicine that is all doing much better. Can you tell?

Every Monday I take a second to reflect and remember to “live in the moment and make it beautiful” despite what craziness may have ensued over the weekend. It’s very easy to get caught up in the ugly moments–sickness, a broken car (we need a new starter..yay!), exhaustion,  and a messy house, but this week, AJH kicks things off by serving as a constant reminder to smile, despite whatever “pain” we may be in.

She is my “make it beautiful” in living form.

As all babies, she teaches us to truly live in the moment and appreciate life for what it is with the newest, most innocent view possible.

As I take a second to reflect on her, I am reminded to do a better job at documenting her day-to-day gems, especially as her nine-month birthday approaches this Thursday. Here are some of the “beautiful” things she’s up to these days:

-crawling on all fours, rather than scooting
-pulling up to stand
-waving hi and bye to everyone (it’s the BEST thing ever)
-feeling her two bottom teeth with her tongue
-chewing on anything and everything


Her eyes are still looking a big greenish/blue here. They change every day!
And the most beautiful thing of all…

So, on this beautiful Monday remember if a sick baby can laugh and smile with reckless abandon… so can we.

…this infectious laughter.

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