Perfect Day

 On this dreary, rainy day, do what makes you happiest…

How will you give yourself the perfect day?
 Take a moment to reflect in your journal. Here are some starter questions:
1. In your opinion, what does “perfect day” consist of? What does it look like in your world?
2. Make a list of things that make you happy, and give you joy; small or large.
3. Think of a few people that warm you heart. What is it about them that lifts your spirit and brings you pleasure? 
4. What are some sights and sounds that give you pleasure?
5. What happiness do you give to others?
6. How can you give yourself the “perfect day” all year long?

*Thank you Laurel Denise, for this beautiful quote card that I plan on framing and hanging in my home as a reminder to make every day a “perfect” one.

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