AJH Loves Henry

She doesn’t seem to notice the “real” Henry, our 19-month old black lab, though we’re not sure how she could miss all 80 pounds of him, especially when he’s licking her feet, but she sure does love her “little Henry” doll. Little Henry was a gift from one of my good friends, Lexi Miller, from The Black Dog. I had a feeling  we’d be getting some black dog items after hinting at it during my pregnancy, and this doll is starting to become her permanent accessory. From going to ball games, to falling asleep at night. he is her constant companion. Just last week she really started to learn how to cuddle him, and it’s one of the cutest things she’s done thus far. She pushes him up around her face and even rubs his ears and head. We might want to go ahead and put a back-up Henry  in reserve, because I have a feeling he’s gonna be around for a while!

First picture with Little Henry, at the Dr., only 3 days old
Already getting a grip on him, 2 weeks old
Keeping her warm, 2 weeks old
 On the lounger, 3 weeks old
After church, 11.5 weeks old
Getting sleepy, 13 weeks
 He works like a charm
In Daddy’s arms, 13 weeks
Holding on, 13 weeks
We can’t wait until she gets a little bit bigger and can wear her Black Dog onesie from another dear friend, Lindsay.

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