30 Day Paleo Challenge: Week 1 is DONE!

IMG_5981The first week of the 30-Day Paleo Challenge has come to an end! I have been thrilled with the interaction and support from the group I am working with on Facebook. Everyone has been so honest, open and helpful as we embark on this journey together! I honestly didn’t see much of a change in myself until I looked at these pictures put side by side! Look how much less bloated I am!! Hallelujah!!

Here is my weekly update on my personal progress:

1. Weight: 128 (down 4.2 lbs)

2. Pictures (see below)

3. Sleep: Sleep patterns are about the same as last week…sleeping well but having a hard time waking up!

4. Energy level: I was still utterly exhausted all week! I got back on track with my vitamins and am wondering if I was going through detox this week from removing the gluten and sugar. I started to turn a corner on Friday with a bit more energy and hope it continues to improve!

5. Stomach/digestion: Feeling less bloated/gassy this week! No gluten/dairy definitely helps with this, I am sure!

6. Monthly cycle/PMS: Same so far…hoping it will get a bit longer because 26 days seems a little too frequent for me! LOL.

7. Skin/acne/rashes/bumps: Is detox acne a “thing”?! I have noticed a bit of an increase and hoping it will get better as I continue to expel all the yucky stuff from months of unhealthy eating.

8. Congestion/sinuses/allergies: I felt sinus pressure this week but the weather has changed and it finally feels like SPRING!

9. Anxiety levels: Anxiety was about the same this week but seemed to be more agitated with caffeine.

10. Happiness levels: Still feel generally happy but EXHAUSTED, which makes it kind of hard to enjoy things.

11. Strength level: Didn’t make it to the gym last week like I had hoped but will try again this week!

12. Relationship with food: I have noticed that I was doing A LOT of mindless snacking—especially on things high in sugar. Stopping that has been a hard habit to break, but I have been trying to substitute the snacking with hot tea, warm lemon water, or a few raisins/nuts.

13. Overall sickness/disease: I am not struggling with any overall sicknesses or diseases. I still feel like I have not overcome my adrenal fatigue and hope that with diet, exercise and the correct supplements I can feel my best!

***Cheat Meals*** I had a moment of extreme weakness when I was feeling emotional and got a 12-piece nugget meal from Chick-Fil-A. Yikes! It was amazing and I didn’t regret it. But I am slowly starting to lose the craving for fried food and hope to do less cheating this week!



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